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Thompson Seedless Grape Vine Shipped in Soil, Five Gallon Container

The Thompson seedless grape is one you just have to have. Good tasting. Sweet and seedless. Good for snacks. AND you can make your own raisins. The vines also grow fast and would make a nice focal point in your backyard landscape if allowed to grow up a trellis or across a pergola. Read more below and then click 'add to cart'.

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Thompson Seedless Grape Vine Plant


Thompson grape is a deciduous vine with bold foliage producing abundant clusters of colorful fruit each fall, so consider the beauty and pleasure of edible grapes in your landscape. They grow rapidly and will create a leafy roof over an arbor or a screen in one season. These selections are adapted to long, warm, growing seasons. Plant in full sun and enjoy. Sweet, seedless fruit in clusters. Great for fresh eating or make your own raisins! Hardy to USDA zone 7. Shipped potted in soil to ensure the best possible start when planted in yard or garden.

Additional Information

Fruit Type grape
Fruit Color green
Flesh Color white
Blossom Color No
Typically Ripens No