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Beurre d' Anjou Pear Tree, Five Gallon Container

Pyrus communis

This pear takes its name from the French word for butter, and so it should come as no surprise how creamy and almost buttery it tastes. It has a high juice content, so is ideal for juicing. But it also shines when baked, cooked or canned. The Beurre d'Anjou is aromatic, with just the right amount of sweetness. While it is Self-fertile, it produces more fruit when planted near other pears. Grown with soil in a 12" container. Ships year round.

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Beurre d' Anjou Pear Tree, Five Gallon Container


Large, short-necked, firm, good quality, keeps well. While it is self fertile, it does better when pollinated by other pears.


Care Instructions



Plant TypeN/A
Plant SubtypeN/A
Foliage ColorOrange yellow Fall color
HabitLarge Upright spreading habit
Special UsesFresh eating
Landscape UsesHome orchard
Flower ColorWhite
Bloom TimeMarch

Additional Information

Fruit Type pear
Fruit Color No
Flesh Color No
Blossom Color No
Typically Ripens No