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Marbled Ginger Peach Tree, Five Gallon Container (BP 21)

Prunus persica

All will enjoy the distinctive marbled look and gingery, zesty taste of this patented peach. This Burchell exclusive Marbled Ginger has rated high in public taste tests. You'll love it, too.

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Marbled Ginger Peach Tree, Five Gallon Container  (BP 21)


With a name like Marbled Ginger, this peach variety is bound to be tasty and sweet. In testing, the Marbled Ginger peach tree scored very high with a zesty taste and quality profile. It ripens in late July making for the perfect summer snack or in a dessert. The Marbled Ginger peach tree is hardy to USDA zones 5-9 and requires about 600 chill hours. Try the Marbled Ginger peach today and you will not be disappointed.


Care Instructions



Plant Type N/A
Plant Subtype N/A
Foliage Color Orange yellow Fall color
Habit Upright to somewhat spreading
Special Uses Fresh eating
Landscape Uses Home orchard
Flower Color Pink
Bloom Time March

Additional Information

Fruit Type peach
Fruit Color No
Flesh Color No
Blossom Color No
Typically Ripens No