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Desert King Fig, 5 Gallon Container

Ficus spp.

The Desert King is likely so named because it is relatively drought tolerant. But you'll want to be sure it gets sufficient water so you can enjoy the large, deep green figs with strawberry-red flesh that simply melts in your mouth. This is a fast growing tree that bears fruit between June and August.

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Desert King Fig, 5 Gallon Container


Large deep green fig with strawberry red flesh. Nice choice for cooler climates.


Care Instructions



Plant TypeN/A
Plant SubtypeN/A
Foliage ColorGreen
HabitUpright large and spreading
Special UsesFresh eating
Landscape UsesHome orchard
Flower ColorN/A
Bloom TimeSpring

Additional Information

Fruit Type fig
Fruit Color green
Flesh Color red
Blossom Color No
Typically Ripens June, July, August