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White Knockout Apricot Tree, Five Gallon Container

Prunus armeniaca 'White Knockout'

Aptly named, the intensely sweet, white flesh of this apricot is a knockout. And you can expect a good harvest in moderate climates, as the White Knockout requires between 400 and 600 chill hours. Grown with soil in a 12" container. Ships year round.

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White Knockout Apricot Fresh Fruit


White apricots are as unique as they come - and the White Knockout Apricot Tree stands out even more. Its super sweet flesh makes it even more appealing and dessert-like. It is hardy to USDA zones 7-9 and requires 400-600 chill hours. The tree is shipped in its original soil and container and can be planted in a yard or garden for best results. Try the White Knockout Apricot Tree today and you will not be disappointed. Ripens late May.


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Additional Information

Fruit Type apricot
Fruit Color yellow
Flesh Color white
Blossom Color No
Typically Ripens No