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Clementine de Nules Mandarin Tree, Five Gallon Container

Citrus clementina hort. ex Tanaka

Grow your own perfect snack from nature. Nules clementines are virtually seedless, easy to peel and deliciously sweet. Kids love 'em. You will too. Especially how you can grow this tree in the smallest of places, or in containers. If cold Winters threaten, just bring them indoors to a sunny window. Indoors or out, you can look forward to this sweet treat as early as November and throughout Winter. All citrus makes excellent indoor plant material. Enjoy the aroma of the blossoms as well. Shipped as a potted five gallon tree in its original soil and container to ensure a healthier start when planted in yard or garden. Can not ship citrus trees to TX, AZ, or FL.

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Clementine de Nules Mandarin Tree, Five Gallon Container


Larger, seedless and high quality. Hangs moderately well but tends to puff in held too long. This is the most widely grown 'Clementine' in Spain


Care Instructions



Plant TypeN/A
Plant SubtypeN/A
Foliage ColorGreenish yellow
Special UsesFresh eating
Landscape UsesCitrus garden
Flower ColorWhite
Bloom TimeSpring

Additional Information

Fruit Type mandarin
Fruit Color No
Flesh Color No
Blossom Color No
Typically Ripens No