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Boysenberry Bush, One Gallon Container

Rubus spp.

Here you get the best of all berry worlds. The boysenberry looks rather like a blackberry, relatively large and oval, and a deep color. It tastes somewhat like a loganberry, rich and complex. Yet it offers sweetness like the raspberry. You can use them like you would blackberries, but these are sweeter, so they are a great partner to fruit tarts or trifles. Beyond your kitchen and out in the yard, this variety is a low, spreading plant that will welcome trimming.

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Boysenberry Bush, One Gallon Container


A relatively large fruit, with large seeds and a deep maroon or reddish-black color.


Care Instructions



Plant TypeN/A
Plant SubtypeN/A
Foliage ColorDark green
HabitSpreading vine
Special UsesJam/Jelly
Landscape UsesGround cover
Flower ColorWhite
Bloom TimeSpring

Additional Information

Fruit Type boysenberry
Fruit Color No
Flesh Color No
Blossom Color No
Typically Ripens No