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Reed Avocado Tree, Five Gallon Container

Persea americana

Reed is the largest avocado variety and it is also considered to be the best-tasting. The fruit can easily weigh over a pound and the flavor and texture are both superior. We ship all of our trees potted in soil to ensure a healthier start when planted in yard or garden.

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Reed Avocado


Reed avocados have green skin and buttery yellow-green flesh that does not discolor when the fruit is cut open. The fruit is sensitive and not widely grown commercially, so the Reed avocado is an ideal choice for a home orchard.

Avocados like fast-draining organic soil. Avocado trees prefer full sun but young trees need some protection from hot sun until they develop dense foliage. Water avocados on a regular basis during warm seasons. Avocados do not like cold damp soil and can easily develop root rot if they remain wet for long periods. They are also sensitive to cold and may require protection from frost. Avocados are often alternate-bearing. Learn more about how to grow avocado trees in Planting & Care.


Care Instructions



Flower Colornon-descript
Fruit ColorPale golden yellow
Soil PHSlightly Acidic (6)
Years to Bear Fruit3
Cold Hardy30° F
Spacing RecommendationPlant 20' away from other trees and buildings

Additional Information

Fruit Type avocado
Fruit Color No
Flesh Color yellow
Blossom Color No
Typically Ripens No