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Little Cado Dwarf Avocado Tree, Five Gallon Container

Persea americana

Yes you can grow fresh avocados, even if space is at a premium.  The Little Cado only grows to about 8 feet, so with a bit of clipping, you can enjoy in a container on porch, patio or deck, even indoors.  The possibilities are endless!  Shipped potted in its original soil and container for best results. Read on for more information...

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Little Cado Dwarf Avocado Tree


Avocados like loose, rich, fast-draining organic soil. Avocado trees prefer full sun, but young trees need some protection from hot sun until they develop dense foliage. Keep soil conistently moist, never soggy or dry.  Water however you need to do based on your location to attain this. Place the Little Cado either in the ground, or in large container for easy reach. Pair this tree with the Holiday avocado, our other dwarf offering for extended crop. They are also sensitive to cold and may require protection from frost. Avocados are often alternate-bearing. Learn more about how to grow avocado trees in Planting & Care.  


Care Instructions



Flower Color non-descript
Fruit Color Green
Soil PH Slightly Acidic (6)
Years to Bear Fruit 3
Cold Hardy frost tender
Spacing Recommendation Plant 15' away from other trees and buildings

Additional Information

Fruit Type avocado
Fruit Color No
Flesh Color yellow
Blossom Color No
Typically Ripens No