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Chandler Pummelo Tree, Five Gallon Container


It's bigger, and perhaps even better, than the more common grapefruit. The Chandler pumelo is the largest of all citrus, and it promises great, pleasantly sweet taste. Peel back the thick rind to find pink flesh similar to grapefruit, but that is delightfully more mild. Bring it to your backyard and it will bring you delicious fruit throughout the Winter months.

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Chandler Pummelo Tree, Five Gallon Container


Huge, thick-skinned fruit can weigh up to 9 pounds! Flavorful, sweet flesh is deep pink in color. Vigorous, spreading shrub. Similar to grapefruit. A real treat. Ripens in the Fall.


Care Instructions



Plant TypeN/A
Plant SubtypeN/A
Foliage ColorGreenish yellow
Special UsesFresh eating
Landscape UsesCitrus garden
Flower ColorWhite
Bloom TimeSpring

Additional Information

Fruit Type pummelo
Fruit Color No
Flesh Color No
Blossom Color No
Typically Ripens No