Goodness You Can Grow


Our trees, shrubs, and vines will arrive at your doorstep carefully cradled in a package engineered specifically for our nursery. As an added benefit, the plants will arrive in their original container with their original soil mix---to minimize plant shock, we do not bareroot the plants prior to shipment.

Featured in the package design for our larger plants, is a 6" foam insert in the bottom of the box that not only anchors the plant firmly in place, but also serves to absorb any vibrations the plant may receive in shipment. The plant is protected even further from damage by a cardboard collar slipped over it's foliage. This is an added measure that guarantees no up and down movement if the box should tip upside down in transit. This package design passed a laboratory 10 pt. drop test. In this test, a box containing a plant was dropped from a height of 2 feet on each of it's sides, as well as being dropped on the box corners. No damage to the contents was noted. In addition, the plant's container will be placed in a plastic bag and carefully tied and anchored even further; this contains any loose soil and traps any potential moisture loss.

When you open a box with a plant from Tomorrow's Harvest, you will see that we go to great lengths to pamper our plants. We know you will be pleased. Please consider our plant material not only for yourself, but for gift giving too!!

We fully believe in the benefits of top quality shrubs & trees, and offer nothing less. We know you will want nothing but the best from us, but if for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the plants you received from Tomorrow's Harvest, Contact us.

We reserve the right to have unsatisfactory plants shipped back to us, at our expense.